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It's about Community

The Coven by Tamed Wild was created out of the desire for community. Not just any community, but a community of earth spirited, magical witches who want to connect beyond the bounds of social media. A place to share knowledge, speak face to face and make real life connections. A place to cast a circle, set intentions, build an altar and learn the tarot. A place to talk astrology, write spells and grow in our practices together.

A Community, a Coven.

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6 new offerings:

30-Minute Live Check in Call
Tarot Teachings
Astrological Updates & Guidance
Beautifully designed PDF Grimoire Page
Journaling & Shadow Work Prompts

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  • 60 Minute Webinar
  • Digital Intention Setting Workbook
  • Beautifully Designed Tarot Spread PDF

Additional features of the community include topic centered discussion boards, a live chat room to talk with other members and monthly challenges to support growth in our practices.

Monthly Fee is $26 with a 7 day free trial.

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